Thursday, January 15, 2009

Soft, Silky Hair!

A conversation I had last night as I was getting Emma (the last) out of the tub. Having just washed it with conditioner (which isn't an everyday norm) she was rubbing it on her face and neck.
Emma: "Oh, this feels so good, it's so soft. Mom, you gotta try this."
Mom: Emma, I wash my hair with conditioner everyday.
Emma: Conditioner and pee?
Mom: Pee, who peed in the tub?
Emma: Me and Mattie.
Mom: You both peed in the tub?
Emma: Yes
Mom: Do you always pee in the tub?
Emma: Well, sometimes we plan it.
Mom: You plan it?
Emma: Yes.
Mom: So you pee together in the tub? Thats disgusting.
Emma: No it's not.
Mom: Yes Emma, it is. Why do you think we pee in toilets and wash our hands afterwards? Emma: Because it's dirty?
Mom: Yes, now will you pee in the tub?
Emma: uh, no.

I guess the worst part about it, is I didn't make them all get back in and take another bath. Now whos the disguting one?


laura said...

ha! i love this story.

mim said...

Way funny! Urine is sterile. It could have been worse.

Carroll said...

The joys of motherhood!