Sunday, April 18, 2010

Politically Correct


Carroll Barlow

You have already read this as an e-mail but I wanted to post it here on the family blog as a matter of record.
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I found this article on the Newsroom Web site of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I thought you might find it interesting. Click on the link below to view:

Last night when dad and I had our nightly prayer I found myself asking for wisdom in dealing with political issues. I feel that we need to speak up for true principals, be a force of good in helping to preserve them, and be effective in presenting these truths to others. Often I feel that even I can become diluted by the world and its one sided media, carefully teaching us how to think. The adversary is very tricky. I know that we need to understand and hold on to eternal principals. As we are weighing an issue we should test it against guiding principals.
Today when I got home from church I turned on BYU TV and I think at least a partial answer to my prayer was given. This talk from Elder Oaks discusses these very issues.
I know that everyone is very busy and it may be hard to find time to read this devotional. However I think you would feel blessed in doing so, especially in these times. It is wonderful to have Apostles who are experts in their occupational fields along with their spiritual powers to guide us. I often reflect on the love and intelligence of the Lord in guiding his children in mortality. While listening you might grab a piece of paper and take notes.
I love you all. You are my most wonderful treasures. I am so confident in each of you! I thank you for all the good work you are doing. I know life seems hard at times, (It really is!). Stay close to the Lord, stay positive, reflect on your many blessings. Always use your talents to serve the Lord. (what a talented bunch you all are!) Even with all the talent you possess ask that those talents can be expanded so that you can be even more potent in His service. Pray often. Help each other in love and kindness. Strengthen each other especially in your individual families and also the family at large. Thank you for you patience and and unconditional love toward me and dad. Propriety demands that love, we are father and mother. Better than that, however, you have over looked our misgivings and love us still. Thank you!
Have a great week know that you are continually in our hearts and prayers.

Love, Mom Barlow

Friday, April 16, 2010

Catching up

I'm sorry I have been so remiss in writing, but there really has been quite a bit going on. House hunting, broken legs, spring break and the usual routine of things. I'll try to give the last four months a good summary. First off the winter olympics. After we had two visitors who stayed overnight on their way to the Vancouver Olympics we decided we ought to take the kids since we live so close. We enjoyed seeing places from when I was a missionary there over ten years ago, and getting into some of the festivites.
Tom and the three oldest kids ice skated on the rink after we saw a show of the mascots.

Here we are with none other than the Mountees.

Olympic tattoos. It was at this point that the rain started falling rather thickly. We decided to head home.

Mattie's snowman was picked from her class to be in the city wide school art show.

I (Keriann) went with some friends to Forks, Washington (home of the vampires from Twilight in case you have been living under a rock). I had a great time, although much to the detriment of my nieghbor who was watching my kids when Mattie got the stomach flu. She, her husband all three of her kids ended up getting it. Then it went through half of us. What a friend, eh?!

Tom turned 31, and grieved a bit because he was supposed to have a cabin when he was 30. Ahh well, maybe if we stayed put for more than two years it could have happened.

Love this picture of Sam on Easter Sunday. This was the sunday after Tom and I had been in San Diego for a week doing house hunting, and then returned to Spokane where my brother lives and did some skiing. Mattie broke her leg on the Friday before. Here you can see her splint.

Hazel in one of her Easter dresses.

All the nieghbor kids comparing their loot.

Mattie getting her cast. She broke her tibia, just a crack. We, or she espicially, is hoping it heals quickly.

She now uses both crutches and a wheelchair. She gets around pretty good.

The other exciting thing going on in the Barlow household is some "special" cooking. Tom and I have taken two classes, one on cheese (hard and soft), and the other on bread. Tom is eating a piece of bread we made with cheese we made, with jam we made. MMMMM! It's so good.

Our first loaf by ourseleves.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grandma's Christmas Cactus


When Grandma died and all of her belongings were divided between us, there were a few things that nobody claimed. They were to be taken to the DI or to be thrown out. Among these things were a couple of houseplants. One of the houseplants was a Christmas Cactus. I asked everyone if they wanted that plant, nobody did. I couldn't bear to throw it out. Grandma had loved it and taken care of it
Christmas Cactus' are an appealing plant to me. They aren't necessarily the most beautiful plant but they are a rugged and can take quite a bit of abuse. They actually bloom better if you keep them rather dry. The blossoms they produce are quite beautiful. I have a friend that has a Christmas Cactus that started from another Christmas Cactus that started from another Christmas on down to one that came across the plains with the pioneers. Maybe Grandma's Christmas Cactus is progeny of a pioneer plant, I am not sure. I do know that her Cactus is smart. It blossomed lovely blossoms at Christmas time.
A couple of days ago I thought it might be more attractive if I dusted the leaves, as I dusted it I noticed 3 new buds, these would be spring blossoms, just in time for Easter, I think, designating the birth and resurrection of the Savior.

I just wish I could visit or call Grandma and tell her all about it. It would please her so.

That plant once destined for the garbage now has become quite dear to me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

What Did I Do This Time?

Today A doctor looked at me square in the face and said "You are toughest lady I ever met!
This comment came after he examined my injured foot. Let me tell you about the injury.
Last week, in preparation for making dinner, I sharpened my knife. If you know me well you know I like my knives sharp. After honing it with my very efficient electric knife sharpener, I set to cutting a roast into cubes. I then laid that knife on a crowded counter and some how it fell. I felt the knife strike my foot. It hurt but I was surprised when I looked down and saw it bleeding profusely. It fell, blade first, and cleanly cut my foot above my great toe, horizontally. I began assessing the injury. Stitches would be appropriate treatment. I considered going to the E.R. I thought about the long wait and the 75.00 co-pay. I decided that I would dress the wound myself. After all, it was a clean cut into my foot. Looking through the first aid supplies, I even found Steri-Strips sutchering tape. The decision was made. I would stop the bleeding, disinfect it, close the cut and hold it that way with the tape. I protected my toe carefully not to overuse it or disturb it. The healing went well. I was convinced I had make the right decision.
3 or 4 days later when the wound was sealed I tried to wiggle that great toe. I could wiggle it downward, but not up. This didn't bother me too much, I thought my toe was traumatized and that it would get better. I had gone to water aerobics that morning and it really didn't hurt. After showing my toe to my co- workers, they convinced me to get furthur medical attention. I called my son Tom, the doctor. He told me that I had probably severed the tendon that attached to a muscle in my leg that allows me to raise my toe upward. Yes indeed, that is what happened.
Next Thursday surgery is scheduled to re-attach the tendon. I will be in a cast for awhile.
I just thought I would let you know.
I am tough and gritty, however I am questioning my judgment. The longer you live the more you learn!