Monday, October 19, 2009

Anyone up for Anarchy?

I am! One more very onerous rule about submitting grants to our deans who then send them to the grant officers, who then send them to the funding institutions was implemented today. One week before an application of mine that had very positive reviews is to be resubmitted. My last grant application got removed from the review process because the maximum length for biosketches was quietly reduced to half of its previous length (2 pages instead of 4). I might feel guilty about not reading the instructions through cover to cover every time I submit a grant except that they are 200 pages long. 200 pages of rules!!!!! Way too many. Anarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Carroll said...

Sounds like the Congressional bills these days. Is there some strategy in play? Do they make it easier for some applicants? We used to call Clinton "Slick Willy".
But things are a lot slicker these days!

mim said...

Unfortunately, most of the rules are not administration dependent, although there were so many proposals submitted in response to stimulus money that I think funding agencies are looking for stupid and easy ways to eliminate proposals.