Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bryce Shelley

Bryce Shelley came to visit yesterday. He was driving around with his two daughters and they wanted to see where he grew up. Everything has changed so much in this area that it is hard to recognize. Somehow, my parents house has not changed much and so he picked my family to show his daughters how his youth had been spent. He came back today to party with all of the Barlow clan and the rest of the neighborhood. His daughters made new friends and didn't want to leave. While he was trying to get them to leave, I explained to his wife that he was the only kid who ever came trick-or-treating to our house. He would always call before hand to make sure the dog was safely contained and then he would come. He would get a haul of candy because my dad always got king size Snickers bars or something like that and Bryce could take as many as he wanted. He had his daughters to the door at that point and he said that he thought all the other kids were stupid for not coming to our house.

I said, "You know, my dad still gets king size candy bars every year and no one comes since you are grown up. Maybe you could bring your daughters. There isn't even a dog to lock up now."

He asked his daughters if they wanted to come trick-or-treating to our house and they said they did and then they were okay with leaving.

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