Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I just submitted my application to do humanitarian aid work in Bolivia.  It's all Tom's fault of course, as most good ideas are.  We had a long heart to heart after I asked him about his thoughts on freezing eggs.  He was a little surprised to find out that I felt so strongly abut having children and that I was willing to go to extreme measures for the gamble of having children through my 40s.  He suggested that if I was willing to go to those lengths, maybe I would be willing to do some other extreme things to get my life going a bit more that way I want it to.  I asked him what he was thinking of and he said he was scared of offending me.  I assured him that there was nothing he could say that would be any worse than things I had already thought and that there might be some good ideas in there that I could use. 

So he started asking me questions and we ended up talking about online dating sites (which got a boo from both of us), cosmetic dermatology, and travel.  He asked what I like doing and I told him service work.  So he suggested that I go abroad to do that and meet people with a similar interest.  It seemed like a good idea.  Then a guy that I play FB Scrabble with, Christian, mentioned that he is going to Bolivia to do humanitarian aid work and so I asked him all about what group and what you have to do to go and he told me and so now my application is in. 

I am on a waiting list, but I pitched all of my CDC experience and public health skills and the organizers of the trip thought I sounded useful and that they could use my skills.  I'm pretty excited.  This sounds really enjoyable to me.


Carroll said...

Sounds like a good idea! Good luck!

Lindy said...

Yippee for mim! As soon as Dustin and I can, we want to travel as a family to South America and do service for a few months. We're really serious about this. Dustin's job is self sufficient enough that he can leave it for months at a time and still get as much money. Dustin wants to help an orphanage, but I don't know if I could emotionally handle that...We were shooting for this fall, but I don't think that's going to happen. We don't have amazing skills like you and we don't know spanish, so I'm not sure how we could really help, but if you get your foot in the door, maybe we will figure out how we can help.

By the way...I was showing my niece my scrapbooks today, and pictures of me and you made my heart sad that it's been so long since I've seen/talked with you. You should email me your number.