Friday, August 20, 2010

Miriam's eye view of Bolivia

I could fall into the easy pace of time in Bolivia where the people sleep until it's warm enough to wake, work hard, eat and sleep again.  There are schedules in Bolivia, but they run according to the body and the sun, rather than the clock.  It's perhaps the thing I miss most about being there.

I showed up to work today thinking it's Thursday and it's actually Friday and I am still a bit sleepy, perhaps from the jet lag, but more likely from the fatigue of working long days followed by a very long flight home. I had a great time in Bolivia.  I am already getting teased about my pictures.  I guess in some ways, the photographs I took are more revealing the photographs taken of me. So anyway, here is a Miriam's eye view of the experience.

Dead Baby Llamas in the market.
A Happy Wall

Excellent dental services

Scary mannequins
Ministry of work
Church where we went to get pipe for water project
View from the top of the hill where we hiked to actually start the project.
It was a very long hike. That is Wade looking at the valley below.

I found two of these flowers while we were digging.  
They seemed very happy to me when I found them.

Tyler Berg sitting on his shovel while I reapplied sunscreen.
It did not prevent sunburn, it only limited how bad the sunburns were.
Chris Peel explaining to me where the adobe bricks came from.

Scenic view
The shovel balancing act and proof that there were girls besides me on the trip. 
From front to back: Jordin, Richard, Chalyce, Megan and Tyler Berg.
I did interact with girls.  There just isn't much photographic evidence of that.
Jordin and I washed each others hair and talked ballet (she is a dancer).
Chalyce and I spent a lot of time figuring out iphoto and milling around La Paz together.
Megan and I talked digital textbooks.
I did spend time with girls*.

Tommy taking pictures of everyone while he is standing directly in from of the water source.
After the water project, we went to Lake Titicaca.

Jeff paid my way and claimed me as his date.  He jumped in four times.  It was freezing cold.  I know.  He got me very wet.

Tyler Delange also jumped in three times.
And here they both are warming up.

We went to some ruins where I hung out with Nick and his sister Megan (not in photo).

This is a picture Megan took of me at the ruins.

And Tommy again back at camp.

There are a zillion more pictures on Facebook and whenever Tommy uploads his 8000 or so, there will be zillions more.

*I would like to add at this point, that I went to school with mostly men and I work mostly with men, and I have figured out how to participate in male bonding (by discussing making bombs and blowing stuff up) and I am much more comfortable hanging out with men, than discussing them with the girls.

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