Sunday, July 13, 2008

This is pretty much the talk I gave in sacrament today. I was asked to speak with Trevor Chadwick and Dustin Willard. It was Trevor's homecoming. I thought you might like to read it

Love, Mom

I. Welcome Elder Chadwick home.

Privileged to speak with him today.

I have great admiration for him.

I've watched him grow, he has always been obedient, thusly righteous, he has always shown his love for the gospel, and he has been willing to serve.

II. My son Michael is also serving the Lord on a mission. In many ways he is like Trevor.

As he writes home we are told of his love for the work and his enthusiasm for the Gospel.

II. why are Trevor and Michael such great missionaries?

Their greatness lies in their attitude.

III. I will tell you of Michael and some of his experiences thus far.

When Michael was called as a missionary, as all who are called he had several interviews withe the Bishop and Pres. Loveridge. He was always willing to be obedient and follow the directions of his Priesthood leaders.

President Loveridge asked him to cut his hair-Michael cut his hair

President Loveridge gave him a high code of conduct to live. Michael willingly lived accordingly.

President Loveridge gave him a reading list. Especially emphasizing the daily reading of the scriptures. Including the other books on the list, this may have been Michael's greatest challenge. He set a goal, putting himself on a reading schedule. I think he read all that was on the list.

As we all know we are promised that if we diligently study the scriptures on a daily basis we will grow spiritually. We could see this promise fulfilled through Michael. His testimony grew rapidly. His love and understanding of the scripture greatly increased. He memorized scriptures. He asked questions about the scriptures. His understanding of the scriptures greatly increased. His desire to live a good life increased. He didn't want to argue, tease, fight, or offend anyone. I believe he was experiencing the "Mighty Change" referred to in Alma 5:14.

Watching Michael go through this process increased my testimony in the promises given us from the Lord. President Loveridge had given him the keys to to grow spiritually and be ready for his mission. If we all followed the same advice we would all grow in the same way. Michael was a living example of the success of that process. Thank you Michael for your willingness to obey!

Occasionally I hear returned missionaries complain about their experience in the MTC, not Michael, he had prepared himself to enter therein. He loved and embraced his experience there, and in that holy place he continued to grow spiritually and was instructed further specifically, on how to be a good missionary. He hummbly excepted the advice given him there.

He has been in the field about 5 months now and is loving his mission. He is still determined to be obedient, he is living the mission rules, and is an example to his fellow missionaries. He understands what it takes for the gospel to flourish. How do I know this? By his admonishments to his family. In one letter he stated in one letter :Don't forget to read your scriptures and be real good member missionaries and do your home/visiting teaching and pray morn&night and study preach my gospel and go to the temple and...all those things the church has always had to make sure the ward/branch doesn;t become worthless.

I want to leave you with my testimony of the Gospel and missionary work. It is a work that blesses so many. I honestly think it is the hope of the world. I am reminded of the scriptures Gal.3:8, and Gen. 22:18. I know that the Gospel has been restored to the earth. That the Priesthood has been restored, which is God's power on earth. I know that we have living Prophets and Apostles on the earth. I'm grateful for my local leaders and their sacrifices. President Loveridge has blessed our family in many ways . In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

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