Monday, June 30, 2008

Mike's Letter 6/30/08

Man! You're right. I needed a haircut. President didn't say anything though, he usually doesn't the first contact, but if it's not improved 2nd contact he rails ya. I was going to get one the day they sent us to nauvoo. It's really short now though. I had an elder in charleston cut it. It looks pretty good I'm just not used to super short. Nauvoo was bunches of fun though. Anyway, Paris pretty good. I think president might be trying to develope me into a leader. We had interviews and he said I'm here to get the town moving a little bit. He said I did a good job in canton and he wants similar goings here. The reason I think he's readying me for leadership is cause he told me my companion needs a good example of work. He said that's a huge compliment to me of his trust im my strength as a worker. My comp is kind of a follower. I could flounder time and he probably wouldn't say anything. He's a really good kid though. We just go work and he doesn't complain, He probably enjoys it more than the guilt you feel when you waste time. I've been getting complimented too much lately. It makes me nervous.I swear I'm not as good as people pretend. When I get so many I think of all my faults and feel bad. But, at the same time, it is that trust that motivates me to not let them down. :D Anyway, The days aren't very rewarding yet. We have like no investigators and we had one drop us on sunday. Elder skaggs says we have a lady that's as good as baptized but she's just hard to visit. She's diagnosed OCD and will not come to church if her skirt isn't squeaky clean and ready. She said we'll see her next week though. The reason he thinks she's good as baptized is cause she's always telling him the doctrine makes so much sense more so than any other she's ever heard. Plus, she's reading a bunch too. Good deal. We're getting Paris moving a little bit though we went out the other day on exchanges with the zone leaders and both companionships found like 3 follow-ups. It was good. When I first got here we only had 1 follow up. It makes me wonder how the previous elders went about doing the work. I'm guessing they had more than that in follow ups and just didn't write them down. Which is pretty frusterating. It's like starting the town up fresh when in reality elders have been here for quite a while. oh well. Just a minor complaint. It's better to remember about your own follow ups than just going by other peoples notes. Well, that's stuff family doens't need to hear :P HOw are you guys doing? pretty good? does the yard look real great for the 4th? I bet it's a little harder to prepare with the way dad is right now. Or is he fine? I don't know what all the treatments entail. He just told me a little bit about them. I pray for him and others though. That's good laura talked with nate. Her letter made it sound like they were getting married in a couple months: "we went here, then here, then here, in 48 hours! :D" That's cool she's getting good pals though. Nothing wrong with that. I haven't got a bike yet. I'm scared to drop so much money. the bike guys was like "what is your price range' I said "under 400" He said, you can't get a very great bike if your going to do a lot of riding for that much :(. My comp wants to go mountain biking on p-days so I want at least a pretty good one. But of course I'm crazy with money, purchases instill guilt on my soul so i don't know what to do. The mission home often has bikes of returning missionaries for sale but unluckily there are almost none right now. I might get a real real nice one and end up taking it home with me. :S it makes me nervous though. haha. I don't know that i need anything right now for a package but you can send me fruitsnacks if you want. haha! Man! remember when you said "good,better,best" talk by elder oaks was an instant classic? You were right. I've heard it so many freaking times on my mission already that it's getting old. Sorry to say. I guess people, especially the adults in the church need it. I really have had like 6-7 lessons on it in 4 months! woo-ie. Anyway. Just thought I'd tell you you were right. I'm out of material. See you later!
-Elder Barlow-

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