Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Titanium Studs...I think they are kind of sexy

So, after years of encouragement from Marie, I finally got my ears pierced.  My deal was that if I could find a place with titanium piercing studs I'd do it.  Amazon has a good selection of titanium earrings too so it seemed possibly worthwhile.  The Merced Mall of all places had titanium studs, which made it very easy.  I made the girl doing the piercing pull out a ruler and I measured the dots she put on my lobes from every reference point imaginable for about 15 minutes and then finally told her it looked good and let her go.  I have so far avoided infection and have finally learned to quit catching my earrings on my clothes, purse strap and pillowcases so they don't hurt anymore.

Other recent acquisitions include 6 t-shirts

Two new pairs of jeans (that are rapidly getting too big)

And a new pair of shoes

Laura said that she'd design me like a cereal box and I think that the predesign stages are ready.  (See you in August babe.)  I can't wait for some artistic sensibilities to get involved.  


Carroll said...

I love the earrings! I want to see the clothes on you! Laura has very good ideas but also go with your own best instincts. You are good too.

T K Barlow said...

Love the earrings Mim! And so glad the pants are already getting too big for you. We miss you.