Friday, July 31, 2009

The inside of an introvert

Sketching does not feel optional at this point in my life.  There are way to many images in my brain and they need a way out.  So I am sketching.  I draw things from real life so that I can get better at drawing and I draw things from my head because those are the things I really want to draw.  Most of my sketches are pretty sketchy.  These are the first two from the inside my head stuff.  They have been in my head a long time and they needed out before I could move on to anything else.
The deal with the first sketch is that I am really grateful to Jews who have built families, places of learning, arts, technology, literature, math, medicine, economies, and societies even when lots of people were killing them.  In so many ways, they are the rock on which modern civilization has been built.

This one is because the tree of life is always described as a pregnant woman in the scriptures(except not in Genesis)  and in one case, Mary specifically.  Realizing that made me see that women are more important in the scriptures than I had previously understood.  Important references to women abound, they are usually just a little understated.

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Carroll said...

Go! Miriam, they look good Do your therapy and create great nice art! You are amazing. Unending talent! Yes I read the barlowblog, thanks for your entries. I need to make some of my own. Let's keep it going.