Sunday, September 6, 2009

Two unlikely occurrences

I didn't realize that there were 100 miles between gas stations in the Mojave Desert, so when my low fuel light came on, I wasn't too worried until after driving quite a while, a sign came up saying that Needles, the closest town, was 67 miles away. I called Brett to see if there was any little town closer to me that might have gas. I tried Essex. There are a few trailers and a lighted building surrounded by a razor wire fence, but no gas station. Even with the 8 mile detour, I still made it to Needles. The most surprising thing though was that Brett stayed on the phone giving me moral support the whole time. He hasn't even teased me much about it since.

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Carroll said...

Thank you Brett for helping my girl. Thank you God for getting her to Neddles. With faith things happen!