Thursday, September 3, 2009

Who has the most allergies?

Okay family, this should be fun. It's a game of who has the most allergies. (All of the little ones can play too). I'll list mine and then everyone else who wants to play can do so in the comments section. (Laura will probably win. She is the luckiest after all.) I'll give some Claritin-D to the winner as a prize. Maybe we should also have a prize for the strangest allergy too, but Laura will probably win that as well. After that, we should have a survey to see which one of us is the nerdiest ( in everyone else's opinion) and then we can see if the two are correlated.

Peanuts (but this probably shouldn't count because I eat them anyway. I'm tough. I can handle constricted airways)
Sage brush
Mold & Mildew
Most hairsprays
Most perfumes
Anything from Bath and Body Works (besides soap and only because that gets washed off)
Vitamin E
Most mascaras
& Coal Dust

I'll get Mike too since he can't. Maybe Laura can help with this.

Poultry ( I think he should get double points for this since he goes into anaphylactic shock)
Coal Dust (It's a guess, but I think a safe one)

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laura said...

grass, sagebrush, cats, dogs, trees of paradise, birches, elms, russian olives, metals excepts platinum and titanium, vitamin e, neosporin, and horses.