Friday, August 6, 2010


I am in La Paz and I´ll post pictures when I have a camera cable again.  It is crazy here.  They sell dried out dead baby Llamas in the markets.  I do not know what one is supposed to do with those.  There are clothes on some of them.

I am tired and I should be hungry, but I´m not.  It may be from having no sleep for two days or from altitude sickness.  I am leaning towards the tiredness.  I did get some sleep in the Lima airport, and I was impressed that no one balked when I blew up my air mattress.

I have avoided any major catastrophes so far!

Mostly I am incoherent and so I will stop before my typing denegrates to the same level as my Spanish.

More later!

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Carroll said...

Good to know you are safe! Miss you, can't wait to hear more.