Monday, August 10, 2009

We need Laura here!!!!!!

Laura has here BFA tryout tomorrow and then she gets to run and catch a plane and a bus and a Ferry to meet us in Anacortes or Port Townsend or something.  We are having a great time in her absence but can't wait for her to come.  

We went to Seabolts that had locally caught fish.  While we were waiting for our orders to come, I asked Mattie and Emma to take 10 pictures each.  Turns out that they are better photographers than counters but here are the fruits of their labors.

A few from Mattie

A few from Emma

And a couple from me.

We wish that Tom was here too and James and Carl and Hilary and Marie and Brett and Mike.  Maybe in January we can pull it off.


Carroll said...

I love these pictures!

Tom said...

What cute kids. I had forgotten about their eyes.