Friday, August 14, 2009

Gay pickup lines?

I'm confused.
Laura and I went into a place called "Shop Girls" yesterday.  It was both a female clothing store and a post office.  We were there to mail some postcards, but took a look at the clearance racks too.  The guy running the store asks if we are from around there.  We tell him no we are just waiting for the ferry.  He tells us that he is a fairy.  Then as we are rummaging in a basket of buttons with funny sayings on them, he tells us we should try to find one that says "All cute guys are gay".  He encouraged us to move to Port Townsend and sincerely seemed like he wanted to see us later. He was super nice and friendly.  From a straight man I would know what to think, but from an openly gay one, I have no idea what he was going for.  Thoughts anyone?

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