Monday, March 15, 2010


There is nothing mechanically wrong with my car and yet it won't start.  After 3 days, my mechanic told me that no one could figure out what was wrong (second time in ten years and by the way there is no charge) and that maybe the dealership mechanic could.  Today it is getting towed to the dealership.  Those mechanics there are crooked.  They once told me that they needed to replace a $500 part which would cost $300 in labor because a piece of my air conditioning system they had just replaced wouldn't connect to the downstream part.  I tried to connect them and failed, but my brother-in-law did it easily, which saved me the $800.  Then they wanted to charge me $100 for a spare key which I was able to get from a locksmith for $3.00.  I am curious to find out what they say is wrong with my car. I would be fine junking my car and I would be fine driving it a couple more months and trading it in, but this not knowing is terrible.

Possibly worse than that however has been the disappearance of butter in my house.  I went through nearly a pound in the past two weeks.  As I live alone, I don't even have denial as an option, but I honestly can't account for all that butter.   I was going to blame the bread that is in the freezer (in the spirit of denial), but one loaf is fat free and the other only has two tablespoons. There are a bunch of frozen blondies too (yum!) and those had almost a half pound of butter, but still...... I realized this last night and sincerely hoped my fresh out of the dryer jeans wouldn't be tight this morning.  They are (of course).  Sigh. Not really much of a mystery there after all.  Carrot sticks and celery for lunch this week.

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Carroll said...

This old mortal world is frustrating!