Monday, March 22, 2010

Springar fra Bergen

Men are bending over backwards to do nice things for me these days.  I don't even ask them to.  It is very strange, but I like it so far.  I had an entourage last weekend.  I have never had an entourage before.  After I purchased my car, two men from the dealership drove my car and an extra car 30 miles to Modesto so that I could return my rental car and drive my own car home.  It was not part of the deal to sell me the car.  It was after I had already agreed upon the price (after 3 hours of negotiating in which I told them what I wanted to pay and waited until they met me there.  I was not an easy sell.) and the salesman just was being nice.

When I got to the rental office, the man there didn't charge me for leaving the car at a different place than the one I got it at (though he had said he would).  He was very nice.

Then on Saturday, a guy in the parking lot of the grocery store offered to haul my groceries to my car for me.  At first I declined, but then I reconsidered and told him I'd take his help if it was no trouble to him.  I was perfectly capable of hauling my own groceries, but if a man wants to be kind to me, I guess I can let him be kind.


Carroll said...

You deserve it!

Robin said...

Hi Miriam,
I read a post of yours awhile ago where you had discovered how to finally make gluten-free bread - that tasted ... good? Did you have a recipe posted (if so, when was it because I'd like to steal it) - and if not ... could you send me a copy of your recipe when you have a spare moment? Danka! Robin