Friday, April 2, 2010

What Did I Do This Time?

Today A doctor looked at me square in the face and said "You are toughest lady I ever met!
This comment came after he examined my injured foot. Let me tell you about the injury.
Last week, in preparation for making dinner, I sharpened my knife. If you know me well you know I like my knives sharp. After honing it with my very efficient electric knife sharpener, I set to cutting a roast into cubes. I then laid that knife on a crowded counter and some how it fell. I felt the knife strike my foot. It hurt but I was surprised when I looked down and saw it bleeding profusely. It fell, blade first, and cleanly cut my foot above my great toe, horizontally. I began assessing the injury. Stitches would be appropriate treatment. I considered going to the E.R. I thought about the long wait and the 75.00 co-pay. I decided that I would dress the wound myself. After all, it was a clean cut into my foot. Looking through the first aid supplies, I even found Steri-Strips sutchering tape. The decision was made. I would stop the bleeding, disinfect it, close the cut and hold it that way with the tape. I protected my toe carefully not to overuse it or disturb it. The healing went well. I was convinced I had make the right decision.
3 or 4 days later when the wound was sealed I tried to wiggle that great toe. I could wiggle it downward, but not up. This didn't bother me too much, I thought my toe was traumatized and that it would get better. I had gone to water aerobics that morning and it really didn't hurt. After showing my toe to my co- workers, they convinced me to get furthur medical attention. I called my son Tom, the doctor. He told me that I had probably severed the tendon that attached to a muscle in my leg that allows me to raise my toe upward. Yes indeed, that is what happened.
Next Thursday surgery is scheduled to re-attach the tendon. I will be in a cast for awhile.
I just thought I would let you know.
I am tough and gritty, however I am questioning my judgment. The longer you live the more you learn!


Hilary-Dilary-Dock said...

WHAT!?? Once again, you are the coolest mother-in-law I possibly could have found! This story is CRAZY! Severed tendons are no small beans! I am amazed that you tell this story without ever a mention of pain. Also, you gave birth naturally 7 times. I'm starting to think you don't have nerve endings.

I love the gritty spirit you have! It is inspirational!


T K Barlow said...

I think you are tough cookie too! Good luck tomorrow, and I'm glad you told us about your posts, they were very enjoyable.