Saturday, April 3, 2010

Grandma's Christmas Cactus


When Grandma died and all of her belongings were divided between us, there were a few things that nobody claimed. They were to be taken to the DI or to be thrown out. Among these things were a couple of houseplants. One of the houseplants was a Christmas Cactus. I asked everyone if they wanted that plant, nobody did. I couldn't bear to throw it out. Grandma had loved it and taken care of it
Christmas Cactus' are an appealing plant to me. They aren't necessarily the most beautiful plant but they are a rugged and can take quite a bit of abuse. They actually bloom better if you keep them rather dry. The blossoms they produce are quite beautiful. I have a friend that has a Christmas Cactus that started from another Christmas Cactus that started from another Christmas on down to one that came across the plains with the pioneers. Maybe Grandma's Christmas Cactus is progeny of a pioneer plant, I am not sure. I do know that her Cactus is smart. It blossomed lovely blossoms at Christmas time.
A couple of days ago I thought it might be more attractive if I dusted the leaves, as I dusted it I noticed 3 new buds, these would be spring blossoms, just in time for Easter, I think, designating the birth and resurrection of the Savior.

I just wish I could visit or call Grandma and tell her all about it. It would please her so.

That plant once destined for the garbage now has become quite dear to me.

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Marie said...

I miss her, too.