Friday, April 16, 2010

Catching up

I'm sorry I have been so remiss in writing, but there really has been quite a bit going on. House hunting, broken legs, spring break and the usual routine of things. I'll try to give the last four months a good summary. First off the winter olympics. After we had two visitors who stayed overnight on their way to the Vancouver Olympics we decided we ought to take the kids since we live so close. We enjoyed seeing places from when I was a missionary there over ten years ago, and getting into some of the festivites.
Tom and the three oldest kids ice skated on the rink after we saw a show of the mascots.

Here we are with none other than the Mountees.

Olympic tattoos. It was at this point that the rain started falling rather thickly. We decided to head home.

Mattie's snowman was picked from her class to be in the city wide school art show.

I (Keriann) went with some friends to Forks, Washington (home of the vampires from Twilight in case you have been living under a rock). I had a great time, although much to the detriment of my nieghbor who was watching my kids when Mattie got the stomach flu. She, her husband all three of her kids ended up getting it. Then it went through half of us. What a friend, eh?!

Tom turned 31, and grieved a bit because he was supposed to have a cabin when he was 30. Ahh well, maybe if we stayed put for more than two years it could have happened.

Love this picture of Sam on Easter Sunday. This was the sunday after Tom and I had been in San Diego for a week doing house hunting, and then returned to Spokane where my brother lives and did some skiing. Mattie broke her leg on the Friday before. Here you can see her splint.

Hazel in one of her Easter dresses.

All the nieghbor kids comparing their loot.

Mattie getting her cast. She broke her tibia, just a crack. We, or she espicially, is hoping it heals quickly.

She now uses both crutches and a wheelchair. She gets around pretty good.

The other exciting thing going on in the Barlow household is some "special" cooking. Tom and I have taken two classes, one on cheese (hard and soft), and the other on bread. Tom is eating a piece of bread we made with cheese we made, with jam we made. MMMMM! It's so good.

Our first loaf by ourseleves.


Marie said...

That is the prettiest loaf of bread. Ever.

mim said...

I agree. Yum.

Carroll said...

I envy that bread you'll have to teach me how!

Millie Price said...

HEY! you were down here and didn't call me!!!! when are you guys coming back down here????

Christine said...

so proud of you! WOW how fun to go to Canada with your family! Sorry about the broken leg I hope it heals fast!

Goodricks said...

Nice pictures! I loved the pictures of your kids. Man, that bread looks awesome. Maybe you can teach me and Claire how to make it when we visit?