Monday, June 9, 2008

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would give you an update on dad. he went to the oncologist last week and they did come up with a plan for him. Last Thursday he went to Utah Valley Regional Medical Hospital and had his body "mapped". This mapping determines the location of his guts so that when he receives radiation they can avoid nuking important parts like his bladder and rectum. The machine can pinpoint direct radiation to the bed of his prostate where likely cancer cell are growing. Pretty nifty machine wouldn't you agree? the bad part of it is that he will have to go into that hospital 5 times a week for 2 months, Monday through Friday. so he will be tied up for a couple of months. His treatments start June 17. As inconvenient as this is, think of others that must travel many miles each day to receive such treatment. Miriam reminded me of this in reference to those that live in Merced and surrounding areas. His daily time is 3:45 , Monday-Friday. this does interfere with supposed vacation dates to the Northwest, those dates will have to be set back or we will have to wait 'til next year for that family vacation. Dad and I are stil panning to go up and see a new little baby after the treatments. It is our desire to be with you all in our beloved former home. we would like to experience this with you.
The good part (hopefully) is that there is very little pain with these treatments. This is what the oncologist claims, however speaking to some who have gone through such treatment, their report is different. I'm sure it must be better than chemo . Pray for dad. He needs your prayers. He is a little nervous and we sure hopes this does the trick. Nervous as he is, he is upbeat and feels it's not his time to leave mortality. Let's be a praying family! All of you stay close to your Heavenly Father. Each of you without exception can bear witness to the fact that your prayers have been answered. I have kept a little journal just writing down my prayers that have been answered. I am amazed! Your greatest blessings come from obedience to the gospel. That fact has been proven over and over again through the ages to our own personal family.
God has revealed His great plan of salvation to us, that knowledge gives us purpose and is a guides to us. Remember! Remember! (Alma 62:49) pray often, read your scriptures, obey the commandments, we must do these things to counteract the influence of evil in our world today, Satan would have you if he could, don't give him a chance. I love each and everyone of you so much! You are the greatest blessings I have and each of you are continually in my heart.

Love, Mom

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