Sunday, June 8, 2008

North West Living

By request, we will post a few pictures of our local goings-on. We will also hope to soon post some pictures of our new addition. At this moment, Keriann is 9 months and 2 days pregnant, so we should have a new family member quite soon. (About 3.5 cm, 70%, and -1 for those medically oriented).

Any name suggestions would be welcome. We are trying to find a name that would work well in a Limerick. Last night we kind of ruled out a few names...

"There was a young lady named Abby,
Whose thighs were quite notably flabby..."

"There once was a girl named Pearl,
Whose face quite resembled a squirrel..."

We similarly ruled out Ellie, Matt, Tipper, and Frankie. (You may mentally compose those lines of verse yourselves). Keriann did point out to me that if I had tried to rule out previous names based on silly limericks, we might not have a Mattie or a Sam. I guess that's true.

Now, onto what is happening. After 1.5 months homeless, we finally found a nice little home to rent. The children were happy to have a place to call home. While our new stomping grounds are not as warm as we have been used to, Everything around us is very pretty.

These and the picture at the top were taken at Rosario Beach. It's about 10 minutes from home, and on my way to work every day. No white sandy shores where we can lay and accumulate actinic damage quite like Florida, but there are great tide pools, and fun places we could explore if we had kayaks (Father's day hint?)

Other local highlights include a huge forest trail system, several small lakes, and Deception Pass. The trails begin right across the street. When we went there with mom we found a newt, a cool tree frog, and all the banana slugs one could ever desire. We have not yet done the hike at the pass, nor been out on the lakes, but we will soon.

The kid's are very cute, of course. Sam recently celebrated his third birthday, and has started, just in the last couple of days, going pee pee on the potty. Check out the movie of his birthday pre-song celebration. Sorry that the file is a little big.

We were recently fortunate enough to have mother visit us for a week. We enjoyed her visit very much and we think she enjoyed herself, too, although her quarters were rather spartan. Before she left, we hung out in Seattle a bit. We went to Pike's Place Market, checked out the old beach house, and went up the Space Needle.

That's about it for our update. We will try to post again soon once our yet nameless child is born. If possible I will try to get close up video of the child's grand entrance onto the world stage, just in case any of you still doubt that child birth is a beautiful thing. Oh, wait. Maybe posting that would violate Blogger's user agreement. Maybe an audio recording will suffice. We will look forward to soon being updated on each of the rest of you.

Tom, Keriann, and family

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