Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mike's Letter 6/16/08


Big suprise! I'm getting transfered, that was pretty expected. The big suprise is that elder ramirez is too! :S They usually leave one elder to pass on knowledge and things like that. Often they pull two because of a lack of work ethic and disobedience, that's usually the reason to pull two. Luckily we were extra re-assured that that wasn't the case this time. This is about exactly how it went: "I want you to know that it's not because of disobedience or that your not working hard, there's just a bigger plan." Yesterday we jsut went around and said goodbye to our investigators and the members that worked with us. One suprise is we have been teaching one big tough dude that self proclaimed he doesn't get attached to anyone except his wife and kid but when we went to visit him to say goodbye his heart was broken! He was all: "man! Thats dumb! I like you guys! Why does your mission president say you HAVE to go?" I hope that's a good sign. I hope he wasn't just converted to me. I hate it when investigators drop cause they loved one elder. That happened alot when I first came out. Everyone was converted to elder nelson and not Tanner. My first week we had 5 people drop us cause elder nelson was gone. I just hope that doesn't happen with the investigators that I found and have right now. Anyway, I have a new niece! and Eric will be married with a kid when I get home . . . Is she a cutie? Did he find her at snow? I'm leaving canton. I'll miss the Oliversons :( They're the best senior couple ever. They're getting frusterated with the branch but they're toughing through it. He's been called to the branch presidency so He's in the extra thick of it. Elder ramirez is real good elder. It's too bad we just went for one transfer. I spent some money on my home debit card. Sorry. We went out to eat shakes and then I bought a frisbee golf driver for p-day and I pulled some money just in case. Well I'll tell you where I am next monday. We don't get told where on our transfer call we just get told to meet in peoria wednesday! It makes it exciting! Plus you don't get the dirt on your next area before you go there. President Erickson is smart! I've done pretty good here in canton though. I hope the new elders reap what I sowed. Well I'm out of stuff. Hope you guys are playing tennis! First one to get decent get's to be my doubles partner! (Enticing!)
:)Talk to you later(:

-Elder Barlow

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