Monday, June 9, 2008

Mad Madam Mim

Hooray! I graduated from YSA. After spending 13 years as a young single adult, I am now proud to announce that I am a mid-single adult.

Here is a recent picture of me at a RS retreat!

We went to Twain Hart and stayed in a cabin. It was a nice note to leave on. A funny story that goes along with my departure is that the RS decided to throw me a surprise b-day party. However the surprise was on them because I was in Irvine giving a talk that day. I hear it was a great party anyway. : P.

I am officially in a family ward and I was officially released as RSP yesterday. It is nice. I have more time for myself and my house. We'll see how long that lasts. I was already asked to give a talk in church and we'll see what calling they come up with for me.

Also, I got 2 papers accepted for publication last week!!!! Wahoo!!!

Love y'all

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